Who is the target audience for this program?

Jewish students and young professionals ages 19 – 25 residing in the US, Britain, Canada and Israel.

What is the cost of the Fellowship?

The fellowship is a fully subsidized program; Fellows are only responsible for meals and personal expenditures made during their free time.

How many fellows will be selected?

Thirty-six fellows will be invited to participate in Phase 1 of the program.

What is the time commitment for CORE18?

There are different time commitments for Phase 1 – The Academy and Phase 2 – The Accelerator.

Phase 1, the Academy: Fellows will commit approximately two hours per week participating in interactive webinars. During this phase, you will

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also attend a National Conference in Philadelphia over Martin Luther King Weekend, January 19 -20, 2014, and Regional one day meet ups during the Spring of 2014. Fellows will be in Israel from June 22, 2014 until August 10, 2014, and spend seven weeks immersed in a full time program, with the exception of designated free time. In addition, there is a research project that will involve 5-10 hours of time over the semester.

Phase 2, the Accelerator: The time commitment is according to your current work/study commitments. Phase 2 fellows will develop a business plan and will determine time expended based on goals and objectives outlined. For some, Phase 2 will be invested in part-time research and development; for others, it will be geared to a heavier time investment of actually launching their venture. Additionally, Phase 2 will require some time working with mentors, networking and continuing to engage and learn with more advanced webinars. Phase 2 fellows will also attend crowdfunding sessions, and the Phase 1 national conference. Finally, fellows will spend ten days in Eastern Europe.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement to be accepted?

Academic achievement is a factor, but is not the sole measure of a person’s sense of responsibility or leadership ability. Therefore, while grades will be considered, there is no minimum GPA to become a CORE18 Fellow.

Is CORE18 affiliated with other organizations?

CORE18 is a new and independent project of JerusalemU, a leading online portal of Jewish and Israel education. CORE18 has no affiliations with other Jewish organizations.

Do I need any previous Israel or Jewish experience?

CORE18 looks upon all experiences as valuable and will not exclude those students who do not have previous Israel or Jewish experiences.

Am I eligible to apply if my leadership experience is outside the Jewish community?

Absolutely. The committee will look for character, vigor, leadership and commitment to causes in general.

Does an applicant need to be able to speak Hebrew?

All language proficiencies are of value to participating fellows, but no languages are a prerequisite for being a successful fellow.

Am I required to participate in Israel Up Front to become a fellow?

Yes, the Israel experience is where fellows will network, collaborate and immerse themselves in leadership, learning and social venture development.

What are the dates for Phase 1 of the program?

January to May 2014, in local community and June 22 to August 10, 2014, in Israel.

What are the dates of the summer program in Israel?

June 22, 2014 to August 10, 2014.

Is the Internship in Israel a paid position?

The Internship is an opportunity to learn and build connections. There is no financial remuneration.

Where does the program take place?

Participation in both Phase 1 ( with the exception of seven weeks in Israel) and Phase 2 (with the exception of a trip to Eastern Europe) is in your local community.

What is the time commitment for Phase 1?

Acceptance to the program requires that you attend a weekly two-hour webinar, January – May 2014. Seven weeks in Israel is a full-time program with free time built into the schedule.

Why is the program called CORE18?

Our name CORE18 reflects our aspiration to accelerate up to eighteen projects in the Laboratory phase of our program. We hope as we grow in the future, we will be able to accelerate

even more startup initiatives!

Once offers have been made, will a wait list be maintained?

Yes. If a space becomes available after acceptances have been granted, the waitlist will be employed on a prioritized basis.

What if I still have questions that were not answered in the FAQs?

Please write to info@Core18.org